Mindfulness Skills for Health and Happiness


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  • Relax their bodies and minds
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  • Calm themselves when upset

Mindfulness at School

KindKids Project introduces Mindfulness skills and other kindness tools to students to compliment the Personal Development /Health school curriculum. The KindKids programs are informed by the most up to date scientific studies with research pointing to a wealth of benefits including: enhanced happiness, effective stress management, sustainable performance, improved impulse control, increased optimism and empathy.


Mindfulness at Your School in  3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Learn about the Program

KindKids uses a scientifically proven technique called mindfulness to teach students to pay attention to their experiences in a non-reactive way. In a series of interactive lessons, students enhance their self-awareness, increase impulse control, focus, and empathy.

KindKids offers two in school programs: one is specifically designed for 7-11 year olds  and the .b program for 11-18 year olds.

Both programs can be run school-wide or for specific year groups, creating a skilful culture of kindness, calm, safety, focus, and connection.


Step 2: Book a Taster Session

This is an introduction to mindfulness and its benefits.  This 90 minute session could be delivered to the whole staff body or a group of staff. The session includes:

-An opportunity to try out the practice

-An overview of some of the science behind mindfulness

-How KindKids supports the Personal Development/Health area of the curriculum

-What the KindKids program would look like in your school


To book a Taster  Session at your school please email rachael@kindkidsproject.com


Step 3: Fill Out an Application Form

Please persuade us to bring KindKids to your school and let us know how mindfulness helps fulfil the aspirations you have for your school community.


To apply to bring KindKids to your school please complete and submit an application form

Professional Development Days

Bring in KindKids Project for your Professional Development Days.

Offer your teachers a day of mindfulness to help them reduce stress, begin to cultivate self-care techniques and build more resilience in the classroom.

Through mindfulness exercises, reflection and dialogue, your teachers may feel inspired to learn more about these practical tools and suggestions for implementing mindfulness into classroom routines, school practices and everyday life.

The day also includes a valuable insight into the latest science behind mindfulness and how these skills underpin learning, relationships, responsible decision-making and well being.

To book a Professional Development Day please complete and submit a registration form

  • KindKids Project

    provides schools and communities with practical training in the skills of Mindful Awareness blended with the explicit teaching of values that underpin all learning and wellbeing. We draw on the leading studies of neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness education, to strengthen well being, awaken resilience and empower youth with the tools to thrive in their personal and academic lives.