Mindfulness Skills for Health and Happiness


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  • Calm themselves when upset



KindKids Fundamentals: a mindfulness course for adults


KindKids Fundamentals is a call to all adults to reclaim the great realm of influence that you are by remembering the priceless gift of your presence.

KindKids Fundamentals is a nature-centred mindfulness course designed to help you discover what mindfulness is, its relevance and benefits to you, a variety of ways to practise and how you can find time to do it.

KindKids Fundamentals will also acquaint you with some of the playful tools and age-appropriate language of the KindKids children’s program to help you share these life skills with your children. You will be supported with practical suggestions and simple ways to integrate mindfulness into daily routines, whether at home, at school or the workplace.


-Access the child friendly language and tools of the KindKids children’s program

-Understand how to slow down, savour positive experiences and regulate challenging emotions

-Discover how to transform ordinary routines at home or school into mindful moments

-Learn how to Connect and Attune to your Child

-Transform triggers into personal teachers

-Benefit from group practice and discussion

-Enjoy engaging with other like-minded adults

-Experience the Power of your own Practice


VENUE: Bondi Pavillion, Ocean Room


DATE: 8 consecutive evenings beginning Wednesday 16th March 2016


TIME: 7:00pm- 8:15pm




Register now by emailing Rachael@kindkidsproject.com




“KindKids Fundamentals course for adults was a beautiful and truly worthwhile experience. It encouraged me to deepen my connection with myself, my feelings and my family. Rachael’s encouragement to develop a range of techniques of reflection and peace have helped me greatly in my teaching and parenting practice. Highly recommended.” Parent and Teacher


“Doing KindKids Fundamentals with Rachael was a treat for my soul. Her words and her vision about life are reassuring. She is a very wise and transparent person who shares and transmits all her knowledge and experience in the most profound way. For me it was more than mindfulness, it was a synthesis of all the keys that can help us unblock our true purpose as humanity. Every educator should go through this experience!” Yoga Teacher


“KindKids Fundamentals course is an empowering gift for any parent or carer. Rachael has guided me on my ever continuing inner journey to understand that the resources I need can be found within myself. Using compassion, space and refreshing honesty, Rachael provides a strong framework for taking mindfulness not only into parenting, but to every moment of life. Every session brings relief, hope and a little more calm into my world. Thank you!” Parent


“Rachael is a true inspiration. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I now remain calmer in my day to day life and that I have a different outlook to what is happening all around me. In her workshops, Rachael shares a great balance of theory, scientific research and practical information that helps guide me to be the most mindful and present mother.” Everyone in my family is now benefiting from my time in KindKids Fundamentals.” Parent and Teacher


“Rachael is a natural healer & facilitator. Her voice, her presence & her wisdom allowed me to journey, feel safe & fall into a depth which is often not reached in everyday living.” Tanya


“Rachael’s workshop was amazing. She went out of her way to make me feel so comfortable and welcome. It really helped me to feel centred, to fall more in love with my children and strengthen me in my peaceful way of raising them.” Kim


“I came to the workshop with an open mind and left feeling refreshed, inspired and relaxed. The gift to myself of a few hours of peace and calm, shared with other like-minded women was very powerful.” Alison


”Thank you so much. The workshop was so inspiring, nurturing, calming, relieving and very very special….it is a lifelong memory.” Christiane


  • KindKids Project

    provides schools and communities with practical training in the skills of Mindful Awareness blended with the explicit teaching of values that underpin all learning and wellbeing. We draw on the leading studies of neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness education, to strengthen well being, awaken resilience and empower youth with the tools to thrive in their personal and academic lives.