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KindKids in the media

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KindKids Project was featured in Sydney Style magasine on Sunday. Read this groundbreaking article about bringing the skills of mindfulness into the lives of young people.

Reported one parent:

“My daughter has used some of the techniques in response to incidents in the playground,” says the mum of one eight-year-old pupil.

“She’s understanding the importance of taking responsibility for herself. She’s also reminded me not to get caught up in things.” Read the full article here.

KindKids offers various services such as the 10 week program for both primary and high schools, parent workshops and even Private Sessions for more individualised attention.

If you would like to try out some mindfulness for yourself please download your free Gift here.


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  • KindKids Project

    provides schools and communities with practical training in the skills of Mindful Awareness blended with the explicit teaching of values that underpin all learning and wellbeing. We draw on the leading studies of neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness education, to strengthen well being, awaken resilience and empower youth with the tools to thrive in their personal and academic lives.