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The Gift of Presence

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We all know “that feeling” when we truly are in the moment, whether it’s feeling the soft kiss of a breeze on our cheeks, the warmth of the morning sun drenching our bodies, catching that perfect wave, listening to a downfall of rain, gazing into the eyes of a baby or stroking your pet at the end of a long day.This gift of presence is available to us in each moment, reminding us how truly rich we are.


This grateful way of living is one simple way of being kind to ourselves and is available to us all, moment by moment. When we cultivate this way of kindness, we are then able to gift others with true care.


From decades of  “happiness studies”, we now know that when we slow down, steady our mind and sense the richness of each moment, we are actually empowering ourselves to be genuinely happy and healthy. At a time when science and what we have all intuitively sensed finally come together, we owe it to our children to bring to them the gift of presence.

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