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KindKids in Wellbeing Magasine

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For the last 3 years I have been privileged to offer mindfulness to hundreds of children in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Mindfulness as part of school education is a world wide movement and fast approaching Australian shores in a big way. These skills of self awareness enhance children’s natural qualities of empathy, wonder and kindness and connect them to a gold mine of inner stillness, confidence and restfulness.

In 2013, I was invited to present the work of KindKids Project at the Young Minds Conference at Sydney Town Hall . I felt very privileged to speak alongside many world class inspirational leaders, including the Dalai Lama himself,  and last but most certainly not least, one of my 8 year old students. What an honour!


In 2014, KindKids Project, along with the work of Carl Honore (bestselling author and a leading proponent of what has become known as the ”slow movement”), was co-featured in the beautiful WellBeing Magazine. This was a landmark article for KindKids and addressed the all important issue of how we raise wholehearted children.


”Children need less ”doing” and more ”being” if they are to grow up to be wholehearted adults,” commented the wise Carl Honore. May we all begin to imagine parents across our globe waking up to this way for the rising generations!


Mindfulness cultivates kind attention towards one’s inner world of body sensations,  thoughts and emotions. It is time to teach children ”how” to slow down and return home to their bodies and watch as the  wonderful world of innate calm, choicefulness and creative potential naturally begin to shine from the inside out.


2015 is the year for KindKids Project to create new connections and collaborations. We have our radar set for visionary school principals who feel the call to help pioneer the way forward for authentic mindfulness education in Sydney and help raise kind, wholehearted children!




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